Organized for Efficiency

Organized for Efficiency

A Place for Everything

Benjamin Franklin once said that “For every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned.” It’s no surprise that clutter and chaos go hand-in-hand—driving inefficiency, reducing effectiveness, and resulting in frustration. By ensuring that there’s a place for everything, and by putting everything in its place, we can spend time actually being productive rather than wasting time being busy searching for what we need. Here are 4 steps for better organization, whether in the workplace or in the home office.


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Without regular attention to organization, it’s incredibly easy to accumulate stuff we no longer need. As we complete one project and move on to the next, we tend to hold on to papers or files that we’ll never reference again “just in case.” Even pens, pencils, and other odds and ends, like binder clips, can amass into an unwieldy heap. Take the opportunity and time to get rid of anything you don’t absolutely need and only keep what you know you’ll use again. The Collect Guide can help you manage waste efficiently offering the size, color, and style options to fit your work area.


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Are you a piler or a filer? Do things that are kept out of sight go entirely out of mind? Understanding your work process will enable you to select the right tools for organization. Furnishings like storage pedestals or credenzas are great for storing things but don’t always support workflow because of where they may be located. Consider rolling storage which can be pulled up for easy access and then stored away when not needed. Desktop organizers can be placed within arm’s reach to efficiently support the way you work. If you tend to be a piler of papers, consider horizontal paper trays for your worksurface. Or, if you’re a filer, consider desktop sorters with vertical sections that allow you to easily see tab titles and keep files within convenient reach.


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Not everyone has access to sweeping expanses of storage and worksurfaces, so select organizing solutions designed to maximize every inch possible. Use stacking organizers that keep items neat and accessible while making the most of vertical space. Take advantage of dead space with corner organizers that make underutilized worksurface areas more purposeful. And don’t forget about the area under your desk. Hanging storage offers space-saving, out of the way organization that works well with height-adjustable tables.


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Once you have your accessories in place, it’s time to get organized. Order your documents and files by priority and keep the most critical ones within reach. Corral your bits and bobs—like sticky notes, binder clips, phone chargers, and earbuds—keeping them handy but the clutter at bay. As you arrange your work essentials, envision how you’ll maintain this more organized state and then form a plan. Commit to spending a few minutes at the end of each day clearing your desk and set up a calendar entry after a few months for another purge session. By making organization part of your regular work process, you’ll end up saving more time in the long run as well as reduce some stress.


Purposeful Organizing Solutions 

Safco makes organization easy with a wide variety of solutions that optimize your workstyle and maximize your available workspace. Explore our Human Elements organizational tools and transform your workplace or home office into a more efficient working environment.

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